About us

Welcome to Admission Dehradun

we are a group of some pure souls trying to become Trendsetter to make some easier ways in the field of education.Remember! Learning is the best path toward a successful and happy life.as it is conducive to a better understanding of life.and all acquired knowledge can be used towards fulfilling one's ambitions.An educated person will perceive a problem in the right way and offer an adequate solution. Using the knowledge they gained.
We are committed-

  • 1) for a happy and stable life.
  • 2) to help in earning Money
  • 3) to play a major role in woman empowerment in all aspects.
  • 4) to make you self dependent.
  • 5) to design your dreams into reality
  • 6) to make the world a safer and more peaceful place.
  • 7) to make you more n more confident.
  • 8) to help you become a useful member of the society.
  • 9) for economic growth of the nation.

Our Mission

  • 1) To enable students to achieve their dreams and reach their potential in whatever they aim to do.
  • 2) To provide unparalleled academic excellence.
  • 3) To promote ethical practices and the development of social awareness and responsibility in all of our students.
  • 4) To encourage all students to aim high in whatever they do, and to impose no limits on students' ambitions.
  • 5) To take pride in, praise, promote and support all that is excellent in our students.
  • 6) To work with the high-esteemed hallmark of honesty, courage, fair play and initiative-taking along with the teamwork of our people and our ability to respond effectively to the positive and productive changes taking place in all aspects of life including communication, skills, technology and environment.
  • 7) To provide loving care, support and encouragement equally to students of all backgrounds and nationalities, all races and religions, creating within the academy a harmonious multicultural learning environment in which all students are equally important, happy and successful.
  • 8) To create a work environment, which motivates, recognize and rewards achievements at all levels, under the slogan: ′we would always perform our obligations with integrity, devotion, truthfulness and confidence and would strive for the greatest and achieve for the highest to meet our sublime aims and splendid goals.′

Our vission

Admision Dehradun Consultants would like to be among the many other organizations, schools, foundations or companies that would like to encourage students to pause and think where and how we are going. To lead the change in our approach to growth & development, to take the responsibility for such change, that we want to see in the world around us. Our vision is to identify, encourage and nurture Leadership, Confidence, Responsibility, Teamwork, a World Vision and other positive traits in students and young learners through innovative technology and learning methodology.